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August 29, 2010

And So It Begins…

I never thought I’d start a blog. A friend asked me months ago if I would ever write. The thought of writing after graduate school simply disgusted me.  I used the excuse that I didn’t have anything new to contribute to the published world. Yet, the real problem was I didn’t know what I’d write about.  Over the past few months I have felt God stretching, teaching, and revealing new things to me.  I have felt overwhelmed by his love, lessons, and beautiful brokenness.  The work he is accomplishing is too amazing for me to keep quiet about and the renewed passion has given me strength beyond measure. I found myself telling anyone who would listen what I was learning.  It was then that I remembered my friend’s suggestion. So here I am today, writing again. My hope is that in my honest musings over these lessons I might encourage another. Be forewarned, I am a work in progress. I am one that has not achieved sanctification but am pressing on toward the goal in which God has called me (Phil. 3:14). I may stumble through this journey as I seek the Lord. I ask for grace in the process.

And so the overflow of my heart begins…

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