Worthwhile Podcasts

In an age of where we can easily download and go, why not download some encouraging and challenging podcasts? Here are few that are, in my opinion, worth a listen.  Know of more? Leave a suggestion.

The Village Church – Based in Texas, pastor Matt Chandler regularly challenges with the truth of God’s word in a frank and honest manner. These hour-long sermons will leave you with an abundance of applications to mull over throughout the week. This is definitely one of my favorites.

In Touch Ministries by Dr. Charles Stanley – This podcast brings me back to my spiritual roots. Dr. Stanley has been preaching the truth of the Gospel for years. I frequently find myself frantically scribbling down notes as I listen to the truth found in his sermons.

Walk in the Word with James MacDonald – James’ short (approximately 30 minutes) program serves as a great reminder to continue to walk in light of God’s word throughout the week.

New Beginnings with Greg Laurie – I found Greg’s podcasts years ago and now I’m excited he is coming to the Chicago area and hosting a crusade! Greg tragically lost his son a few years ago and you can feel the honesty in his sermons. He often integrates difficulties from his own life and inspires listeners to keep pressing on despite the difficulties and hardships in their lives. Greg presents the truth of God’s word in a bold and compelling manner.

Focus on the Family Daily Radio Broadcast – Not in the mood for sermon per se? Choose from a selection of podcasts from Focus on the Family’s Daily Radio Broadcast. You don’t have to be raising a family to benefit from the wide range of topics covered on this broadcast. Find interviews with authors, public figures, encouragement from those who have walked through some great difficulties.


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