Praying the Impossible

Lately, it seems the topic of prayer follows me where ever I go (so yes, this is another post on prayer). I don’t think I will ever fully grasp the power and extensive nature of prayer. Because I don’t fully comprehend prayer and because I am lazy, I often stop praying for things I determine are “impossible.” I know I am not alone in this.

But one day recently, I saw God move. It was a faint movement but it stirred hope. Could something I had prayed for 20 years really happen? Then I realized how long it had been since I prayed in a manner that confidently proclaimed God’s power to accomplish the impossible. This thought was humbling. Where was my faith?

Mark 6:1-6 reveals how Jesus was rejected in his hometown because the people did not have enough faith. Jesus could have easily performed many miracles among his own people but he couldn’t because of their unbelief. Our faith in Him is an essential component to allow God to accomplish miracles in our lives. In Matthew 17:19-20 we learn that faith, even as small as a mustard seed, is necessary in order for miracles to occur. This leads me to a terrifying thought. What is God not doing in my life because I do not have enough faith? Did I stop praying because I lost faith that my infinite God could accomplish the impossible?

What about you? Have you stopped praying for the impossible? What is God not doing in your life because you don’t have enough faith? Have you given up on that lost family member? Do you think your job won’t ever change?  Have you given up on the deep desires of your heart? Surely the God who performed miracles, walked on water and rose from the dead is able to accomplish what we mere humans deem impossible. Do not lose faith; keep praying.


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