Recommended Reading

Recently I’ve been reconnecting with one of my old loves – reading. Here are few books that in my opinion are worth a read.  I’m always seeking recommendations.  Let me know if you know of a book that has influenced or challenged you.

Embracing the Love of God – by James Bryan Smith

This short book is a great challenge for readers to apply the understanding of God’s acceptance. God chose to love us before we even drew a breath – and He chose to love us with full knowledge of all our right and wrong choices in life. His love is a gift.  There is nothing we did to qualify for it nor is there anything we can do to lose it. Smith challenges readers to rest in God’s love as well as God’s forgiveness and then to properly take care of ourselves as well as each other. Smith writes with such honesty, openness and passion I found myself underlining and commenting all over my book. This book has been a catalyst to change my view of God’s loving nature. It is a sweet reminder to those walking with the Lord for many years or a deeper look for those newer to the faith.

Faith and Doubt – by John Ortberg

I find Ortberg’s honesty in his book, Faith and Doubt, refreshing and inspiring. Ortberg suggests that a certain degree of doubt is healthy for our faith. We learn to rely on God in our times of doubt and can draw closer to Him as we seek to understand His character. One of my favorite quotes from this book is “letting go is an act of trust.” In order to receive what God has for us, we often have to let go of the known in order to receive an unknown blessing. This requires an act of faith and trust when we can be tempted to give into fears. Our lives are often lived somewhere in the middle of faith and doubt.

Loving God With All Your Heart – by Elizabeth George

The foundation for George’s book is built upon six key Scripture passages. Her ability to connect with readers by sharing her own struggles and life stories is inspiring. She is able to illustrate how to clearly live out these key passages in her writing. I was profoundly moved by George’s writing on Philippians 4:8 and training our thoughts to follow what is true. George also writes on Matthew 6:34 (winning over worry), Philippians 3:13-14 (pressing on for the prize), Romans 8:28 (counting on God’s goodness), Jeremiah  29:11 (living out God’s plan), and Romans 11:33 (accepting the unacceptable). Thank you to my dear friend who recommended this book!



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