Everyday Transformation

Over the years, I’ve begun to realize that change and spiritual transformation may not come simply because I will it to be or yearn for it. This is not to say that change and transformation should not be sought out (I would encourage you to do so) but there are times when it is just as important to rest in our current situations and let God meet us where we are. At times, we must simply fight our impulse to turn and run. God may have lessons for us as we wait for the next step. Life is often found in the journey.  We need to be reminded to slow down and just be. Seek God in the everyday. He is near.

Psalm 46:10 has often convicted me of this very lesson. I must stop striving and be still.  The NASB translations reads, “Cease striving and know that I am God.”  I often feel like a child caught with her hand in the cookie jar when I read this verse.  I am frequently guilty of striving and struggling to control a situation or seek a way out. But, God wants me to just stop and be. He wants me to know he is here. Am I listening? Do I feel His presence today? He is with me always (Matt. 28:20). If he is with me always, I can surely rest in knowing that he will give me the strength to deal with today.

Not that long ago my dear friend Kristen sent me an excerpt by Carlos G. Valles. Valles encourages readers that we can find transformation by being fully present where we are, not by running from our circumstances or being so focused on the future. I found this thought to be freeing. I hope you find a sense of release in your own life to be exactly where God has you – knowing that transformation will find you when it is your time.

The Wisdom of the Caterpillar by Carlos G. Valles

We do not change by trying to be what we are not, but by being fully what we are. This is the secret. We do not change by looking at the future, but by living the present. When I am fully and generously all that I can and want to be in the present moment, I begin to feel inwardly ready to pass on to the next moment; when I am all I can be now, I spontaneously and obviously begin to be what I am to be next. The fullness of the present leads up by itself into the newness of the future. Today flowers into tomorrow when it is fully today not when it pretends to be already tomorrow in impatient anticipation and undue haste. Thus change takes place precisely by not worrying about it, by not trying to forcibly bring it about, by not imposing it, by not seeking it. Let me be fully what I am today, and I shall wake up to a new world tomorrow.

An example: We know that a caterpillar turns into a chrysalis, and a chrysalis into a butterfly, which is a nature lesson of a wonderful change. Now, the caterpillar does not turn into a butterfly by trying to be a butterfly, by planning, scheming, endeavoring, or in any way contriving to be changed into a butterfly with colored wings and flying antennae. If it were to do that (as man would surely do if he were in its place) it would only ruin its changes and spoil its future. A caterpillar becomes a butterfly and genuinely what it is now, not by trying to be what it is not. The better the caterpillar, the better the butterfly. The stronger the present, the brighter the future. The way for me to learn to fly one day is to walk firmly with my feet on the ground today. Nothing is achieved by dreaming and longing and craving and crying. Only by being fully what I am today can I get ready to be fully tomorrow what I can be tomorrow. My present stage fully lived is the best preparation for the next one. That is the wisdom of the caterpillar, and why it moves around contentedly at its leisurely pace. It trusts nature and it befriends time. It enjoys life crawling among leaves and branches, as one day it will enjoy life flying from flower to flower in the open sky. That is nature’s kingdom.



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