The Beautiful Fight

Sanctification was never meant to be easy.  Sometimes we forget that we chose the narrow road when we became Christians. Each time there is a “bump” in the road we become flustered, question God, and may even be tempted to do things our own way. Yet each “bump” is a part of the refining process. Author, Gary Thomas describes this process as the beautiful fight. It is the battle that rages within us to submit ourselves under the authority of Christ. We are meant for so much more than what our human wills would lead us toward. The transforming power of Christ can allow us to experience brokenness that ultimately creates a new understanding, passion, and holiness that we would not otherwise be able to achieve.

It is in this brokenness that we often find ourselves surrendering to the transformational power of Christ. Thomas writes the following in his book The Beautiful Fight, “The breaking can be painful, even excruciating. It hurts to die to certain dreams and desires. It sometimes feels as though we’re being ripped apart when we let something go. But the pain is a good pain, and the difficult journey is a good journey, and the Beautiful Fight is still a beautiful fight.” There is something supernatural that occurs when we find ourselves in the position of surrender. We are faced with the reality that Christ alone is the one that can redeem and draw us closer to the people we were meant to be. So no, sanctification is not easy but it is beautiful.


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