The Ugliest Four Letter Word

Wait. Yup, that’s four letters and it’s usually met with disdain. No one likes to hear “wait.” We live in a world of speed and expect instant results. This often transposes itself to our spiritual lives. I recently had a discussion with a mother at my church. She explained waiting in this way: “It is better to wait on God for his answer however unclear you feel at the time. As a mother, if one of my children were to ask me for something and I respond that the child needs to wait – if the child continues to push for an answer, it is automatically ‘no.’ Waiting on God’s direction or answer is often like that.” Yikes! How often do you and I push for an answer instead of letting God’s plan unfold in our lives at the right time? At the root of our impatience, I often wonder if the real issue is lack of faith and desire for control.

Hebrews 11:1 reads, “Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” If we really have the assurance of things hoped for and the conviction or things not seen, would we so impatiently wait for the Lord? Kay Arthur wrote in Lord Where Are You When Bad Things Happen, “In a world like this, a man or woman who lives by faith is a rarity. Living by faith requires patience because the one who lives by faith becomes dependent upon God. You no longer call the shots. You no longer operate on your timetable. You don’t just rush out to get, to do, to have, to satisfy. You pray. You ask. You seek His will, His counsel. Then you wait for God’s leadership – His insight, His wisdom, His provision, His answer.”

Relinquishing the control can be difficult. Knowing God has a plan and will not fail you is something we must truly believe in order for us to let go and have faith. Our faith grows in these times of waiting. We become even more dependent on Him. Our ability to seek His leadership, insight, wisdom, provision and answer becomes stronger when we are required to wait upon Him. After all, what we think is best for us might not be. You may be praying for a shack in the woods but He wants to give yo­­­u­­ a castle by the sea. Whether He’s answered you quickly or allowed you the opportunity of waiting trust Him, grow in faith and relinquish control. He has your best in mind.


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