Glimpses of Passion

As I write this post, the David Crowder Band is playing through my laptop speakers. There has always been a clear sense of passion that accompanies their music. I long for that passion. At times I’ve been blessed enough to get glimpses of this amazing intensity that comes from the nearness of the Lord. However, it is unrealistic to think we can keep up this pace. There are seasons in our life that are meant for various purposes. Frankly, there may be times in our lives that we are supposed to feel despair and brokenness. It is at these times God can tear in order to make something beautiful, to cause unrepentant hearts to turn to him, or to bring Him glory. There are other times, we are simply meant to rest. We cannot expect to live on a spiritual mountaintop.

There was a time in my life where I was on one of the greatest spiritual journeys I have encountered thus far. As I prepared to depart from this place, a wise mentor cautioned the group I was with to continue to walk in the only direction we could go – down.  Our spiritual descent was inevitable but we could choose to descend with our arms linked. We could choose to remain in community – continuing to encourage, remind, and keep one another accountable for the lessons we learned while on the mountain. We cannot after all live on a spiritual mountain top. We spend most of our time on a journey up or down the mountain. And, at times we find ourselves in dark valleys. Passion will ebb and flow in our lives. Rest when you can and take comfort in knowing that glimpses of passion will come.

I leave you with a Bebo Norman song that reminds me of what it means to leave a spiritual mountain top.



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