The Advent Conspiracy

It’s officially December and the Christmas season is here. Before we get too far ahead I wanted to share with you a compelling message I heard on the radio the other morning. I tuned in to hear about the Advent Conspiracy. This ministry challenges us to look at how we spend Christmas. Jesus came with a message of hope and love. How did we get so wrapped up in the commercialism of Christmas? What if we spent less time buying gifts (often out of obligation) and spent time with each other? What if we used that time and money to help someone in need? Think of what would happen if we all just bought ONE less gift? Just one. I think we would all be amazed by what could be done with the extra time and resources.

And, what about our time? Doesn’t it mean more to give the gift of time to our loved ones rather than a wrapped package with a pretty bow? One story I heard told of a man who bought his father a pound of coffee beans for Christmas. But the coffee beans weren’t really the gift. It was the note attached. The note told his father that he wasn’t allowed to use the coffee unless the son was there to drink it with him. Over the many cups of coffee, the son wanted to hear his father’s life stories and how he grew into the man he is today.The son spent less money on the gift but it meant more because of the time invested in it.  Now that’s a gift I’d like to get!

This Christmas consider giving the gift of your presence not your presents. Visit the website for more information:


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