In A Word

I try not to jump on the band-wagon too often but this is just too great to pass up. I first heard about this interesting “year-long experiment” on my morning commute but later reconsidered it when my friend and fellow blogger, HopefulLeigh, recently wrote on about the One Word 2011 project. I had to pass the word on (and also say if you don’t read her blog you should its great). The One Word concept is simple. Instead of making a list of goals, think of one simple word to live by for the next year. Let this word guide you in your decisions and goals. Build your commitment to it throughout the year. Do you want to stop gossiping? Maybe your word is “speech.” Do you crave adventure? Try “risk.” Do you struggle with worry? How about “trust?” Focus on your word to help you stay centered through the year. I think we’d be amazed to see how God can show up and move in our lives through a simple word.

My word is “faith.” This is an area of my life I’d like to see myself grow in and cultivate an increased dependence on God. I’m excited to see how God will move in my life this year – in my career, spiritual walk, relationships, family life, etc. This year will be the year I depend on God even more than last year and expect Him to show up because He will. I’ve also chosen a passage of Scripture to accompany me on this One Word journey (Hebrews 11:8-12). Though I also created a list of goals in addition to my word, they all exercise faith. I’m eagerly anticipating a year full of growth and adventures as I use my one word, scripture passage, and smaller goals to guide me on the path I believe God has revealed for me this year.

Choose just a word or your word plus a list of goals, but join me in making this year different from last year. Live with intention in 2011. Take some time to seek out what God has for you this year. I believe He’ll give you a few of his own words. What is your word? What will God do in your life this year?



6 Responses to “In A Word”

  1. what an incredible thing to focus your life on this year… i can’t wait to watch and see what God does.

  2. Thanks Alece! It’s going to be quite the adventure. Thanks for providing such a great challenge. May God bless you this year.

  3. Great post! Wishing you many blessings as you follow Him this year!


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