The Big “D”

The Big “D” and I don’t mean Dallas (or divorce). (Forgive the Mark Chesnutt reference.) I mean doubt. I’ve grown up in Christian circles. I accepted Christ at age six. I went to Christian schools, surrounded myself with Christian friends and even worked at a Christian company. All this to say, I’ve noticed something – doubt seems to give Christians the heebie-jeebies (yes, that’s a very technical term).

We don’t mean to do this to each other but many Christians don’t know how to respond when other Christians find themselves doubting faith. Somehow we expect non-Christians to doubt but not Christ followers.

Generally, I think many Christians see doubt as a weakness. I’m not sure I’ve seen enough evidence in Scripture for me to tell you it’s good, but I can say it’s healthy and normal.


Doubt challenges us to deepen our faith.

Doubt prompts us to ask questions that we might have missed the first time around.

Doubt motivates us to examine who Jesus really is and who we really are in light of what he did.

Doubt forces us to our knees and to the Word.

While mulling all this over, it dawned on me one day that so many faith greats have doubted or royally messed up. Yet, God still used them to achieve great things, draw them closer to himself, love and redeem them.

Doubting Thomas – needed proof that Jesus was alive and he did spend an abundant amount of time with him as his disciple.

David – there was the whole Bathsheba incident and yet, he is still a man after God’s own heart.

Peter – denied Christ three times and still God built the church upon him.

Remember these things as you or your fellow believer finds themselves with doubt. Come alongside of them. Extend grace. Be patient. Encourage honesty and openness. Pray for one another. Love each other. Remember God can use each of us – even the doubters among us.



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